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Pietra Dura Inlay Vanity Sink No.1

We offer our customers only selected pieces, designed and manufactured by Avecio.
We deliver our goods with our own truck company.

Inlay Vanity sink! The superlative of vanity sinks.

Experience the perfect combination of a selected stone, our excellent workmanship and design.
An amazing Vanity washbasin for your bath.

The table top is made of a large piece of marble. It’s not just a table though, it’s also a picture.
The leafs were made by cutting the design into the marble with chisels and drills.
The design was then hollowed out of the marble and new pieces of semi precious
and marble stones were cut into the correct shapes and placed in the holes.
The leafs are growing from the table into the sink.

The stone basin was a totally solid block of marble and then worked in complex
Pietra Dura inlay work assigned semi precious-mosaic pieces.
If you are looking for something unique and incomparable, then you are right here.

A beautiful art-work for your home place.

Pietra Dura Inlay Sink:
Length: 42 cm
Height: 16 cm

Pietra Dura Inlay Slab:
Length: 120 cm
Width: 55 cm
Height: 3 cm