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Leaf Sink Rain Forest Brown No.16

Marmor als Kunst im Bad

We offer our customers only selected pieces, designed and manufactured by Avecio.
We deliver our goods with our own truck company.

A Sink in the form of a leaf Rain Forest Brown from a solid marble block!

The inspiration for this unique marble sink comes from nature. The leaf of a tree.
Simple, but stunningly beautiful!

The Avecio leaf sinks are unique pieces of art that are hand crafted out of the finest
natural stone nature can offer.

It took some time to find the right stone for our Avecio leaf sinks.
With the Marble Stone Rain Forest Green, Gold, and Brown, we have found the
appropriate pieces. Rain Forest is a very rare, which is mined only in small quantities.
The structure resembles a tree. The natural colour and vein structure of this stone is
suitable perfect for the shape of a leaf.

The outer surface of the pools is antique finished or polished. The grain on the outer
surface of the marble basin is polished by one, carved in an elaborate process by hand
from a stone. Then you can feel the texture significantly. Experience the perfect
combination of a selected stone and our excellent workmanship and design.

A perfect combination of design and nature.

Rain Forest Brown Leaf Sink:

Length: 69 cm

Width : 35-40 cm
Height: 14 cm