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We offer our customers only selected pieces, designed and manufactured by Avecio.
We deliver our goods with our own truck company.


The art was revived during the Renaissance by Italian craftsmen and the first
hard-stone workshop was established by the Medici family in Florence in 1588.

Pietra Dura is inlaying of the Marble surface with semiprecious stones that are cut,
fitted and polished to create various designs.

Semiprecious stones like blue onyx, Jasper, Malachite etc. are used to inlay this
cream marble with the symmetrical designs.

We suggest you to visit our Museum: Museo dell' Opificio delle Pietre Dure in Florence.
For Information look on our site “Pietra Dura” or do a Google search on Pietra Dura
to find out about the origins of this unique method of inlay using marble and
precious and semi-precious stones. Royal palaces and cathedrals throughout the
world are decorated with this inlaid marble.


1. Can be used as a table top for dining table, coffee table or be placed in the lounge.
2. You can also mount it on the wall, or place in a show case in the drawing room.
3. Can be used as a floor tile.

24inch by 24inch    
61cm x 61cm