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The basic for this Pietra Dura Inlaid Borders is the bright Star Galaxy granite. The borders were made by the Pietra Dura technique occupied with mother of pearl. 
A unique piece for the home place, whether as a border on the wall, as a framework for
mirror or on the ground - this mother of pearl inlaid stones are always a delight.

The Borders have a measurement of 30,5cm x 8cm x 1cm

Edelstein Intarsien Bordüre No.2 Edelstein Intarsien Bordüre No.3 Edelstein Intarsien Bordüre No.4

Edelstein Intarsien Einlegeplatte Art No.9 Naturstein Intarsien Einlegeplatte Art No.10
Marmor Intarsien Einlegeplatte Art No.12 Marmor Intarsien Einlegeplatte Art No.13
Intarsien Marmor Einlegeplatte Art No.14 Runde Marmor Intarsienplatte Art No.15 Marmor Intarsienplatte Art No.16
Runde Marmor Intarsien Platte Art No.1